Community Ecology

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What is the term used to describe a species' way of life in a community?

Ecological niche

What is the main difference between a generalist species and a specialist species?

Generalist species have broad niches, while specialist species have narrow niches

What is the term used to describe the place where a species lives?

Ecological habitat

What is the role of a species that can live in many different places and eat a variety of foods?

Generalist species

What is the consequence of specialist species having narrow niches?

They are more prone to extinction when environmental conditions change

What is the term used to describe the roles that a species plays in an ecosystem?

Species role

What are the two components of species diversity in a community?

Species richness and species evenness

What is a characteristic of a biologically diverse community like a tropical rain forest or a coral reef?

High species richness and low species evenness

What is the result of high species richness in an ecosystem?

The ecosystem is more productive and more sustainable

What is the relationship between species diversity and ecosystem stability?

Higher species diversity leads to higher ecosystem stability

What is the main difference between species richness and species evenness?

Species richness is the number of different species, while species evenness is the proportion of each species

Why is it important to study species diversity in community ecology?

All of the above

What is the primary factor that determines the abundance of organisms at each trophic level in bottom-up control?

Nutrient supply

What type of species exert a disproportionate influence on community structure despite being less abundant?

Keystone species

What is the term for the large or abundant members of a community that provide food or habitat?

Foundation species

What is the term for a chain of organisms that are linked by predator-prey relationships?

Food chain

What is the term for a complex network of food chains?

Food web

What is the term for species that influence community structure through their effects on the physical environment?

Ecosystem engineers

Test your understanding of community ecology, including how species interactions affect community structure, colonization and extinction rates, symbiosis, and coevolution. Evaluate your knowledge of ecological processes and their impact on community composition.

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