Communication in Groups

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What is a crucial factor that determines the effectiveness of a group?

The members' communication skills

What is the minimum number of people required to form a group?


What is an example of a formal group?

Study group

What is an essential characteristic of a group?

Members interact and attempt to influence each other

What is the primary goal of studying group communication?

To understand how to work well in groups

What is the primary objective of a healthy group?

To benefit the members and the larger society

What is the characteristic of a group where members rely on each other's skills and knowledge?


What is the force that brings group members closer together?


What is the purpose of norms in a healthy group?

To help achieve goals and foster cohesiveness

Why do members of a group behave in certain ways when they join a new group?

Because they act in ways considered appropriate in previous groups

What is the result of achieving ethical goals in a healthy group?

Members feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment

What happens when a group member violates a group norm?

The group sanctions the member

What is the result of a healthy group working together?

An outcome that exceeds individual talents

What is necessary for a group to achieve synergy?

Ethical goals and interdependence

What happens when group members respond positively to each other's actions?

An informal norm is established

What is the term for a group's collective energy and intelligence?

Collective Intelligence

Learn how groups function and how to communicate effectively within them. Understand the importance of communication in groups and develop the top communication skill of working well in groups.

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