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What is the Spanish phrase for 'let me tell you'?

deja que te cuente

Which phrase is used to mean 'most of the time' in Spanish?

la mayoría de veces

What does 'yo tampoco' mean in English?

me neither

Which phrase in Spanish means 'what if'?

y si?

What is the Spanish phrase for 'it seems' or 'looks like'?

se parace

'Tengo que' in Spanish means:

I have to

How would you express 'I spend more than I earn' in Spanish?

Gasto más de lo que gano

Which phrase would you use to convey 'I'm uncomfortable with it' in Spanish?

Me incomoda el

How can you say 'If I quit my job, I'd be happier' in Spanish?

Si pudiera, dejaría de trabajar

Which phrase means 'I'm sorry to hear that' in Spanish?

Lamento escuchar eso

How can you express 'I need to take a break from work' in Spanish?

Necesito tomarme un respiro del trabajo

Which phrase would you use to ask 'Are you?' in Spanish?

!Tu eres...!

What is the correct translation of 'me parece bien'?

It's fine by me

Which phrase means 'What are you thinking about?'

En qué estás pensando

How would you ask 'Do you know any place...?' in Spanish?

Conoces algún sitio?

Which of the following is the correct translation of 'en cuestión de opiniones'?

This is a matter of opinion

What is the best translation for 'no es tan simple'?

'It's not that simple'

'Respeto tu opinión' is best translated as:

'I respect your opinion'

Study Notes

Introductions and Small Talk

  • You can express interest by asking "¿Qué te gusta?" (What do you like?) or "¿Te gustaría...?" (Would you like...?)
  • Responding to "¿Qué te gusta?" can be done with "Me gusta..." (I like...) or "Me encanta..." (I love...)
  • Use "Yo también" (Me too) or "Yo tampoco" (Me neither) to show agreement or shared feelings

Asking Questions and Expressing Thoughts

  • "Puedo preguntarte" (Can I ask you) is used to politely ask a question
  • "Hay" (There is/are) is used to state the existence of something
  • "Por cierto" (By the way) is used to add a thought or comment
  • "Tal vez" (Maybe) is used to express uncertainty or possibility
  • "Hay que" (It's necessary to) is used to express necessity or obligation

Expressing Opinions and Emotions

  • "Se parece" (It seems) or "Eso es" (That is) can be used to express opinions or thoughts
  • "Ahorita" (Right now) is used to emphasize the current moment
  • "Ya sabes" (You know) is used as a filler phrase
  • "La mayoría de veces" (Most of the time) is used to express frequency or habit

Connecting Phrases and Expressions

  • "Y si" (What if) is used to express hypothetical situations
  • "Depende" (It depends) is used to express uncertainty or conditionality
  • "Se parade" (Looks like/It seems) is used to express uncertainty or suspicion
  • "Puede ser" (Maybe/It could be) is used to express uncertainty or possibility

Idiomatic Phrases and Expressions

  • "Por fin de una vez" (For once and for all) is used to express finality or decisiveness
  • "Sí o sí" (No matter what/One way or another) is used to express certainty or determination
  • "Me parece que" (I think that) is used to express opinions or thoughts
  • "En mi opinión" (In my opinion) is used to express personal opinions or thoughts
  • "Considero que" (I consider that) is used to express careful consideration or thought

Romantic and Flirting Expressions

  • "Mirandote" (Looking at you) is used to express romantic interest or admiration
  • "Desnudarte" (To undress you) is used in romantic or flirtatious contexts
  • "Llamame" (Call me) is used to express interest or invitation

Getting Around and Recommendations

  • "¿Qué nos recomiendas hacer?" (What do you recommend we do?) is used to ask for recommendations
  • "Queremos salir esta noche" (We want to go out tonight) is used to express plans or intentions
  • "Conoces algún sitio?" (Do you know any place?) is used to ask for recommendations or directions

Test your knowledge of common Spanish phrases used in conversations. Practice phrases like 'me too', 'by the way', and 'it depends'. Perfect for beginners learning basic Spanish expressions.

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