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What is the primary location for colour perception?

The human eye and the associated part of the brain

What enables us to identify and distinguish entities in the real world?

Ability to identify and distinguish colours

What happens in the eyes and brain before someone identifies a colour?

Not completely known

In what part of the eye do the cones, light-sensitive receptors, reside?


When are theoretical models and experimental results generally accepted?

When supported by experimental results

Study Notes

Colour Perception

  • Primary location for colour perception: Brain
  • Enables identification and distinction of entities in the real world: Colour perception

Light Sensing

  • Cones, light-sensitive receptors, reside in: Retina
  • Light absorption and transmission occur in the eyes before colour identification in the brain

Test your knowledge of color perception with this quiz! Explore the intricacies of how the human eye and brain process and distinguish colors, and gain insight into the fascinating world of visual perception.

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