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What is the purpose of an undercarriage inspection in a PI case?

To uncover hidden damages not visible in standard visual inspections

Why is it important to request an undercarriage inspection if the body shop skips it?

To strengthen the bodily injury to property damage link and increase case value

What is the role of an Accident Reconstructionist in proving 'Causation of Damages'?

Establish Accident Severity (PD)

What is the primary goal of a collision center?

To restore a damaged vehicle to preaccident condition

What is the purpose of a deductible in the context of a collision center?

To minimize the out-of-pocket expense for individuals

An independent collision center is more likely to have a pre-existing contract with an insurance agency, lessening our chances of receiving referrals from them.


A deductible is the initial out-of-pocket expense an individual bears before insurance will consume the remaining expenses.


Farahi Law Firm will cover the cost of an undercarriage inspection fees aren't waived.


Supplements are additional estimate/s made for unforeseen damages found during the repair process.


An estimate is a projection of costs incurred for repairing damage.


Test your knowledge about collision centers, which specialize in repairing and restoring vehicles damaged in accidents. Learn about their goals, types, and relationships with insurance agencies.

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