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What does SaaS stand for in the context of cloud computing?

Software as a Service

Which cloud service model provides the highest level of flexibility and management control over IT resources?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

What is a common example of a SaaS application?

Web-based email

Which cloud computing deployment model enables an organization to extend and grow their infrastructure into the cloud while connecting cloud resources to internal systems?


What advantage of cloud computing involves trading capital expense for variable expense?

Trade capital expense for variable expense

Which cloud service model reduces the need for managing the underlying infrastructure and enables focus on the deployment and management of applications?

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

What does IaaS in cloud computing typically provide access to?

Networking features, computers, and data storage space

What does an on-premises deployment model involve?

Using virtualization and resource management tools

What is cloud computing?

The on-demand delivery of computer power, database, and storage via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing

What is one advantage of cloud computing?

Enables you to stop thinking of your infrastructure as hardware

What is the basic concept of cloud computing?

The Internet acting as a 'cloud' of servers

What is infrastructure as software in cloud computing?

Stops thinking of the infrastructure as hardware and instead uses it as software

What are the basic cloud service models?

Compute power, database, and storage

What does the Internet act as in cloud computing?

'Cloud' of servers

What is the traditional computing model based on?

Infrastructure as hardware

Which type of pricing is associated with cloud computing?

Pay-as-you-go pricing with on-demand delivery

What are the challenges of cloud computing related to policy and organizational issues?

Lock-in vendor, loss of governance, compliance challenges, supply chain failure

Which cloud service provider has the most availability zones in 2022?

Microsoft Azure

What are the technical issues associated with cloud computing?

Resource and service management, service level agreement (SLA), denial of service (DOS), insecure interfaces and APIs

What is a key feature of Microsoft Azure's Intelligent Cloud segment?

All of the above

Which cloud service provider is ranked fourth in terms of regions in 2022?

Microsoft Azure

What are the legal issues related to cloud computing?

Legal jurisdiction, data privacy and protection, licensing risk, subpoena and e-discovery

What are the challenges of cloud computing related to technical issues?

Resource and service management, service level agreement (SLA), denial of service (DOS), insecure interfaces and APIs

Which cloud service provider had the least number of regions available in 2022?


Which issue is NOT a challenge in cloud computing?

Supply chain optimization

Test your knowledge of cloud computing concepts, service models, deployment models, advantages, challenges, and top service providers. This quiz is based on the learning objectives of Chapter 8 'Cloud Computing Technology and Information Systems'.

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