Cloud Computing and Storage

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What is the main purpose of using cloud computing?

To free up local storage space and conserve funds

What is a major advantage of cloud storage and sharing?

It helps companies save on IT infrastructure

What is virtualization used for in cloud computing?

To transfer stored files across multiple sources

What is a positive result of cloud computing for company computers?

Less installation is required

What has been the trend in mobile computing and applications?

A rapid increase in mobile usage and applications

What has been the trend in traditional Internet services like broadband?

A decrease in usage

What is the expected trend regarding mobile traffic?

It will increase

What is the benefit of big data analytics in marketing campaigns?

It boosts productivity

What is the purpose of data mining?

To predict growth opportunities

What is the benefit of automated processes in business?

They automate repetitive tasks

What do cloud apps provide for companies?

On-the-go capabilities

Why are mobile websites, marketing, and apps important for businesses?

For increased security and user-friendliness

This quiz covers the basics of cloud computing, its benefits, and its applications. It also explores cloud storage and its role in increasing efficiency and conserving funds in organizations.

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