Clinical Assessment Techniques for Venous Insufficiency Patients

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What is a sign of liver disease according to the text?

Auscultation revealing hyperactive bowel sounds

Which group is reported to have a high lactose intolerance percentage according to the text?

African Americans

Which condition correlates with decreased medication absorption based on the text?

Slower peristalsis

What may indicate urine retention when examining the abdomen?

Distended and palpable tense mass

Which group is stated to have a slower peristalsis according to the text?

Native Americans

What is a characteristic symptom of higher pain threshold as mentioned in the text?

Muscle guarding

Which reflex is initiated by food entrance into the stomach and duodenum according to the text?

Gastrocolic reflex

What is a sign of liver enlargement based on the text?

Smooth but tender nodular hard liver borders

What is the range of hyperactive bowel sounds per minute?

More than 35

Which racial/ethnic groups have a high incidence of lactose intolerance according to the text?


What is a sign of muscle wasting and loss of fibroconnective tissue?

Visible peristalsis

Which quadrant should be auscultated for up to 5 minutes during an abdominal examination?

Lower right

What does a tense and palpable distended mass in the abdomen indicate?

Urine retention

What may indicate tenderness near the xiphoid process during palpation?


Which group is mentioned to have decreased salivation in the text?


What may be felt over the sigmoid colon during deep palpation?

Tenderness and hypersensitivity

What is a likely symptom of increased adipose tissue and decreased muscle tone?

Higher pain threshold

What is a characteristic sign of liver disease from the given text?

Visible venous patterns

Learn about the clinical assessment techniques used for clients with venous insufficiency, including inspecting lower extremities, palpating, checking skin temperature, assessing range of motion and muscle strength, and evaluating peripheral pulses. Understand how to grade the intensity of pulses based on a specific scale.

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