Climate and Vegetation

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Which term describes the day-to-day conditions of the atmosphere?


What is the word for the number that is in the middle of the highest and lowest numbers?


What do people observe for 20 or 30 years before determining a place's climate?


Which two words describe temperature?

Hot and cold

What does the word 'canopy' refer to in the context of the rainforest?

The top level of trees that make a kind of roof

Which areas are typically hot, mild, and cold?

Hot areas

What is the word for wet and sticky air that makes you feel uncomfortable?


What is the word for a large area?


What does the word 'vegetation' refer to?

Plant life

What are the two important parts of climate mentioned in the text?

Temperature and rainfall

Which region is characterized by hot and humid weather, with no real seasons and thunderstorms almost every day?

Tropical rainforests

What is the average yearly temperature in the rainforest region?

25 °C

Which of the following is a consequence of rainforest destruction?

Upset balance of gases in the air

What is the world's largest hot desert?

Sahara Desert

How much rainfall do hot deserts receive per year on average?

Less than 250 mm

Which of the following is an adaptation of desert plants?

Long roots to find water underground

Which animals are typically nocturnal in hot deserts?

Most hot desert animals

How many people live in the Sahara Desert?

Around two million

What do desert nomads do to adapt to the desert environment?

Cover their bodies in loose-fitting clothes

What is one reason for deforestation in rainforests?

To clear land for farming

Which type of trees are found in the temperate coniferous forests?

Coniferous trees

What is the main human activity in the coniferous forests?

Timber industry

What is the purpose of the thick tents used by the Tuareg people in the Sahara Desert?

All of the above

What happens to the Tuareg people's body when they are in the desert in their normal clothes?

They lose water from sweating

What valuable minerals can be found in the Sahara Desert?

Gold and iron ore

What is the primary source of water for desert settlements?

Underground wells

What type of climate do temperate coniferous forests experience?

Cold and dry

What is the function of shade cloth in desert settlements?

To provide shade for outdoor areas

Why do coniferous trees have leaves shaped like needles?

To conserve water

What are some adaptations of coniferous trees to survive in cold climates?

Thick bark and hollow leaves

Test your knowledge of weather and climate with this quiz. Explore terms related to atmospheric conditions, temperature, climate determination, and rainforest features.

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