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Which element is the major strength agent in carbon steels?


What is the carbon content range for medium-carbon steel?

0.30 to 0.70%

What defines tool steel according to U.S steel producers?

Capability of being hardened and tempered

What does hot hardness refer to in tool steels?

Resistance to softening at high temperatures

What differentiates stainless steel from other steels?

Resistance to corrosion

What defines low-alloy steels?

Less than 8.0% total alloying ingredients

Which class of stainless steel has carbon content less than 0.2%?

Ferritic stainless steels

Which type of cast iron has a hard as-cast structure and is difficult to machine?

White iron

What mechanical testing technique is used to determine how strong a material is and how much it can be stretched before it breaks?

Tension testing

Which test measures a material's resistance to brittle fracture when a crack is present?

Fracture toughness

Which type of stainless steel has at least four major alloying elements, including chromium, carbon, and nickel?

Austenitic stainless steels

What type of cast iron contains nodular or spheroidal graphite?

Ductile iron

What is the measure of how much a material expands or contracts with a change in temperature?

Coefficient of thermal expansion

Which mechanical test is used to determine shear strength or resistance to torsional deformation?

Shear/torsion test

Which type of cast iron alloy is the most common?

Gray iron

What is the name of the inventor of the impact test to measure energy absorbed by a standard notched specimen?

Georges Augustin Albert Charpy

Test your knowledge about the classification of carbon and alloy steels, including plain carbon steels, medium-carbon steel, and high-carbon steel. Learn about the concentration limits of carbon in different types of steels.

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