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What was the area of contention during the tripartite struggle?


Who founded the Rashtrakuta dynasty?


According to the Tibetan monk Taranatha, how was Gopala chosen as king in the eighth century CE?

By the local leaders of the region

Who bravely resisted Arab invasion in the eighth century CE?


In Chola villages, did royal officials participate in village assemblies?


During Chola administration, to whom were land grants made?


Study Notes

Medieval Indian Kingdoms

The Struggle for Kannauj

  • The tripartite struggle was over the area of Kannauj
  • Three major kingdoms fought over Kannauj: Rashtrakutas, Palas, and Pratiharas

Founders of Dynasties

  • Rashtrakuta dynasty was founded by Dantidurga
  • Pala dynasty was founded by Gopala
  • Chauhans ruled in Shakambari

Origins of Dynasties

  • The Paharasetraced their origin to Hun tribes

Election of Kings

  • Gopala was elected to be the king in the eighth century CE by the local leaders of the region

Power Dynamics

  • According to Arab sources, the Rashtrakutas were the most powerful of the three dynasties

Defeat and Uprooting

  • In the ninth century CE, the Pallavas were defeated and uprooted by the Pandyas


  • Pattanams began as centres of exchange

Royal Officials and Village Assemblies

  • Royal officials did not participate in the village assembly in Chola villages

Land Grants

  • During the Chola administration, land grants were made to Brahmanas

Test your knowledge of social science with important social science concepts from Class 7 B social science "destibh all". Questions cover topics like fill in the blanks and choosing the correct option related to historical dynasties and struggles.

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