Class 10 History: Nationalism in India Chapter 2 NCERT Solutions

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Why did Mahatma Gandhi decide to withdraw the Non-Cooperation Movement in February 1922?

The movement was turning violent in many places.

What is the central idea behind Satyagraha as defined in the text?

The importance of appealing to the conscience of the oppressor.

What was the main objective of General Dyer during the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

To produce a moral effect in the minds of satyagrahis.

How did Indians react to the arrival of the Simon Commission in 1928?

They greeted it with the slogan 'Go back, Simon'.

How did Lord Irwin try to address the concerns raised by various parties regarding the Simon Commission?

He announced the formation of a Round Table Conference.

What was Mahatma Gandhi's belief about the unifying power of non-violence?

It could unite all Indians under a common cause.

What event ignited the fight for India's independence in 1919?

First World War

Which movement emerged in India due to the First World War?


What role did Congress play in developing the national movement in India?

Supporting and developing the national movement

Which social groups participated in the nationalist movement in India?

Various social groups including students, peasants, and workers

What impact did the Non-Cooperation Movement have on India?

It strengthened India's fight for independence

Why is it recommended for students to refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 10 History Chapter 2 regularly?

To strengthen concepts and fetch good marks

Explore NCERT solutions for Class 10 History Chapter 2 'Nationalism in India' which discusses the development of the national movement by Congress, participation of different social groups, and the impact of nationalism. Learn about the consequences of the First World War on India's nationalist movement.

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