Class 10 Board Exam 2024: Dates, Preparation, and Tips

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What percentage weightage has the new pattern assigned to internal assessment?


Which strategy is recommended for students to avoid stress and anxiety during exam preparation?

Dividing large topics into smaller sections

What is an important tip provided for students to manage their time effectively during exams?

Allocating time for each section and following the exam strategy

Which aspect is emphasized as significant for students to achieve success in the Class 10 board exams?

Consistent effort, focus, and a positive mindset

What does the word 'mansion' refer to in the poem The Village Schoolmaster?

The school-house

What is a key suggestion for students to excel on the day of their exams?

Taking deep breaths and remaining calm

To what are the dead Indian soldiers compared in the text?


Who is being referred to in the context of 'I am of words and people'?

The poet

Complete the sentence: 'That I am of words and people.' Fill in the blank using the appropriate option.


'X/23/E/1 100 000 REDMI NOTE 10S | O PODMALOY' - What is the significance of this text fragment?

None of the above

Study Notes

Class 10 Board Exam 2024: Key Dates and Overview

In the academic year 2023-24, millions of students in India will be preparing for their Class 10 board examinations, a crucial milestone in their educational journey. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and various state boards have released important dates for the Class 10 board examinations in 2024.

CBSE Board Exam Dates

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the following tentative dates for the Class 10 board exams in 2024:

  1. Term-1 Exam: Dates have not been announced yet, but it's expected to commence in November 2023.
  2. Term-2 Exam: February 15, 2024 to March 15, 2024 (tentative).

State Board Exam Dates

The exact dates for state boards vary, but students can find their state-specific timetables on the respective board's official website. Here are a few examples:

  1. Bihar Board: The Bihar School Examination Board has announced the Class 10 Board Exams will be held from February 27, 2024 to March 17, 2024.
  2. Gujarat Board: The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has announced the Class 10 Board Exams will be held from March 1, 2024 to March 15, 2024.
  3. Karnataka Board: The Department of Pre-University Education, Government of Karnataka, has announced the Class 10 Board Exams will be held from March 1, 2024 to March 27, 2024.

Exam Pattern and Syllabus

CBSE has introduced the new exam pattern for Class 10, effective from the 2022-23 session. The new pattern has reduced the weightage of internal assessment to 20% and removed the scope of re-evaluation.

State boards will have their respective exam patterns and syllabus, which students should check on their state board's official websites.

Preparation Strategies

To prepare for the Class 10 board exams, students should focus on the following strategies:

  1. Create a study schedule: Allocate specific hours daily for each subject and stick to the routine.
  2. Revise regularly: Review the material on a daily basis to reinforce learning.
  3. Break up large topics: Divide large topics into smaller, manageable sections.
  4. Avoid last-minute cramming: Start preparing well in advance to reduce stress and anxiety.
  5. Time management: Allocate time to take breaks, exercise, and engage in leisure activities to maintain balance.
  6. Seek help from teachers or tutors: Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're struggling with a particular topic.
  7. Practice exams: Take full-length mock tests to assess your progress and address areas requiring improvement.

Exam Day Tips

To excel on exam day, students should:

  1. Get enough sleep: Adequate rest will help you stay focused and energized.
  2. Eat a balanced breakfast: Fuel your body with a nutritious meal to keep your mind sharp.
  3. Dress comfortably: Wear clothes that make you feel confident and relaxed.
  4. Manage time effectively: Allocate time for each section and follow your exam strategy.
  5. Remain calm: Take deep breaths and try to keep your nerves at bay.


The Class 10 board exams are a significant milestone in a student's academic career. By following the appropriate preparation strategies and exam day tips, students can perform to the best of their abilities and achieve their goals. Remember, consistent effort, focus, and a positive mindset are key to success.

Prepare for the upcoming Class 10 board examinations in India in 2024 with key dates, exam pattern, preparation strategies, and exam day tips. Learn about CBSE and state board exam schedules, new exam patterns, and effective study techniques to excel on exam day.

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