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Which of the following best describes the composition of viral chromosomes?

Nucleic acid, either DNA or RNA, single or double stranded

What is a characteristic feature of bacterial chromosomes?

Readily replicated and transcribed

What is a distinct feature of eukaryotic genomes?

Refer to one complete set of nuclear chromosomes

What distinguishes the genome of bacteria from that of eukaryotes?

Much smaller than eukaryotic genomes

What is a characteristic of the structure of bacterial chromosomal DNA?

Associated with DNA-binding proteins

What is the term for the nontranscribed DNA between adjacent genes?

Intergenic regions

What enzyme introduces negative supercoils using energy from ATP in bacteria?

DNA gyrase

What is the main effect of negative supercoiling in bacterial DNA?

Facilitates compaction of the chromosome

Which drug class is known to inhibit gyrase and other bacterial topoisomerases, but does not inhibit eukaryotic topoisomerases?


What is the term for the DNA compaction microdomains that contain 40,000 to 80,000 bp of DNA in each loop in E. coli?

Loop domains

Test your knowledge about chromosomes, genomes, and the genetic material of organisms, including bacteria, eukaryotes, mitochondria, and chloroplasts.

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