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What is the Chinese word for 'work'?


How would you say 'I surf the net' in Chinese using the vocabulary provided?

wǒ shàngwǎng

What is the Chinese measure word used for counting people in a family?


How would you say 'The doctor is working now' in Chinese using the vocabulary?

dàifu xiànzài gōngzuò

What is the Chinese word for 'classroom'?


Study Notes

Chinese Vocabulary

  • 几 (jǐ) means "how many" or "a few"
  • 号 (hào) means "number"
  • 今天 (jīntiān) means "today"
  • 昨天 (zuótiān) means "yesterday"
  • 明天 (míngtiān) means "tomorrow"
  • 星期 (xīngqī) means "week"

Actions and Activities

  • 做 (zuò) means "to do" or "to make"
  • 上网 (shàngwǎng) means "to surf the net"
  • 看 (kàn) means "to look" or "to watch"
  • 吃 (chī) means "to eat"

Places and Occupations

  • 电视 (diànshì) means "television"
  • 银行 (yínháng) means "bank"
  • 医生 (yīshēng) is not present in the original list, but is related to:
    • 护士 (hùshi) means "nurse"
    • 大夫 (dàifu) means "doctor"
  • 职员 (zhíyuán) means "clerk"

Time and Schedule

  • 现在 (xiànzài) means "now"
  • 点 (diǎn) means "hour"
  • 分 (fēn) means "minute"
  • 上课 (shàng kè) means "to attend a class" or "to go to class"
  • 时侯 (shíhou) means "time"
  • 教室 (jiàoshì) means "classroom"

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