Child Psychology: Differentiating Reality and Dreams

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In what state can the child experience the overlap of reality and dreams?

During sleep and wakefulness

When can a young child experience the merging of reality with dreams?

During both sleep and wakefulness

Where does the overlap of reality and dreams occur in the mind of a young child?

In the young child's mind

في أي عمر يمكن للطفل الصغير أن يلتبس الواقع بالحلم؟

في النوم واليقظة

أين يحدث تداخل الواقع والحلم في عقل الطفل الصغير؟

في النوم واليقظة

متى يمكن للطفل الشعور بتداخل الواقع والحلم؟

في أي وقت، سواء في النوم أو اليقظة

Test your knowledge about how young children perceive and differentiate between reality and dreams, whether during sleep or while awake.

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