Chemistry: Lanthanide Contraction and Transition Metal Reactions

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Why is Cu+ not stable in aqueous solution?

It has a high negative ∆hydHθ value

Why do oxygen and fluoride oxidize metals to their highest oxidation state in oxides or fluorides?

Their small size and high electronegativity make them efficient oxidizing agents

Why are the electronic configurations of lanthanoids uncertain?

4f/5d subshells have significantly different energies

Why are Zn, Cd, and Hg soft with low melting points?

Weak interatomic attraction/absence of unpaired electrons

What effect does pH have on a solution of K2Cr2O4?

Solution changes into K2Cr2O7

Why do transition metals like V have high nuclear charge?

To facilitate the acceptance of lone pair of electrons

What is the role of vacant d-orbitals in transition metals?

Accommodate the lone pair of electrons

Why are transition metals like V colored in compounds like V2O5?

Due to defects in crystal

What characteristic makes transition metals useful as catalysts?

Ability to adopt multiple oxidation states

What property of interstitial compounds of transition metals contributes to their high melting points?

Small size of non-metals fitting into voids

Why do transition metals provide larger surface area for reactants in catalysis?

Two outermost shells being incomplete

What allows transition metals to form homogeneous mixtures in alloys?

Having approximate same size

Which property of transition metals like V allows them to retain metallic conductivity in interstitial compounds?

Small size fit for interstitial voids

Why do transition metals retain their metallic conductivity in interstitial compounds?

Their ability to adopt multiple oxidation states

Test your knowledge of lanthanide contraction and transition metal reactions with questions on Cr2O72- ion bonds, pH effects on K2Cr2O7 solution, Ce4+ as an oxidizing agent, and the similar properties of Zr and Hf.

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