Chemistry Chapter 2: Atoms and Molecules 2.1 Quiz

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What type of bonds are present in water molecules?

Hydrogen bonds

Which property of water allows it to stick together with other water molecules?


What contributes to water's high specific heat capacity?

Hydrogen bonding

In which state does water have hydrogen bonds?

Liquid state

Why do hydrogen bonds in water break and form continuously in the liquid state?

To facilitate transport of nutrients

Which type of bond in water molecules results in hydrogen bonding?

Polar covalent bonds

What type of bond exhibits unequal sharing of electrons with positive and negative regions?

Ionic bond

What type of bond helps to reinforce the three-dimensional shape of large molecules?

Van der Waals force

Which bond is the weakest attraction among the options mentioned?

Van der Waals force

What factor influences chemical reactions by altering the rate but not affecting the concentrations?


What process involves making and breaking chemical bonds?

Chemical reaction

In chemical equilibrium, what happens to forward and reverse reactions?

They occur at the same rate

Which type of molecule would likely exhibit hydrogen bonding with water?

An amphipathic molecule with both polar and nonpolar regions

What type of bond is formed between two water molecules?

Hydrogen bond

Test your knowledge on the composition of matter, chemical elements, compounds, essential elements in humans, trace elements, and compound properties. Learn about the fundamental building blocks of all living organisms.

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