Chemistry: Atomic Number, Subatomic Particles, and Chemical Symbols

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What is the atomic number of carbon?


What is the chemical symbol for gold?


Explain the composition of natural gas.

Natural gas is mainly composed of methane, but may also contain small amounts of other hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulfide.

What is the main component of natural gas?


Which subatomic particle has a negative charge?


Provide the chemical symbol for gold and its atomic number.

The chemical symbol for gold is Au, and its atomic number is 79.

Describe the properties of the subatomic particle with a negative charge.

The subatomic particle with a negative charge is the electron. It is extremely small, has a negligible mass, and orbits the nucleus of an atom.

Explain the significance of the atomic number of carbon.

The atomic number of carbon is 6, which indicates the number of protons in the nucleus of a carbon atom. This number also determines its unique chemical properties and its position in the periodic table.

Test your knowledge of chemistry with questions about the atomic number of carbon, subatomic particles, the chemical symbol for gold, and the main component of natural gas.

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