Chemical Reactions in Everyday Life

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What happens when milk is left at room temperature during summers?

Milk undergoes bacterial fermentation and spoils.

What happens when an iron tawa/pan/nail is left exposed to humid atmosphere?

The iron tawa/pan/nail undergoes oxidation and gets rusted.

What happens when grapes get fermented?

Grapes undergo a chemical reaction and turn into alcohol.

What happens when food is cooked?

Food undergoes chemical changes due to heat and cooking processes.

What happens when food gets digested in our body?

Food undergoes chemical reactions in our digestive system to break down into nutrients.

Test your knowledge on chemical reactions and equations with this quiz! Explore the effects of leaving milk at room temperature, exposing iron to a humid atmosphere, fermenting grapes, cooking food, and more. Discover how these everyday situations relate to chemical processes.

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