Chemical Digestion and Enzymes in the Digestive System

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What is the main function of bile in chemical digestion?

Neutralize the acidic food and gastric juices

Where does absorption of most nutrients occur?

Small intestine

What is the role of capillaries associated with villi in the small intestine?

Carry glucose and amino acids in the blood

Why is the ileum particularly adapted for absorption?

It has a highly folded surface with millions of villi and microvilli

What do lacteals do in the small intestine?

Transport fatty acids and glycerol in the lymph

What is the role of chemical digestion?

To produce small soluble molecules that can be absorbed

Where does the enzyme amylase act?

In the mouth and duodenum

Which enzyme breaks down protein in the stomach?

Protease (Pepsin)

What is the main function of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice?

Kills harmful microorganisms and provides optimal acidic pH for enzyme activity

Where is lipase secreted from and where does it act?

Secreted by pancreas, acts in the duodenum

Which enzyme plays a role in both physical and chemical digestion?


Explore the process of chemical digestion, where large molecules are broken down into smaller, absorbable molecules. Learn about key enzymes like amylase and protease and their functions in breaking down starch and proteins. Understand the importance of chemical digestion in the digestive system.

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