Chemical Bonding Quiz: Naming, Drawing, and Properties

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What is the purpose of dots surrounding the chemical symbol in a Lewis dot structure?

Represent only the outermost electrons

What do Lewis dot structures help predict in chemistry?

Electron pairs and bonds within compounds

Which term can be used interchangeably with 'Lewis dot structure'?

Electron dot diagram

What is the first step in drawing Lewis structures?

Count all valence electrons

In an ionic bond, which types of elements generally come together?

Metal and non-metal

What happens when a metal atom becomes an ion?

It loses electrons

'Atoms like oxygen and chlorine ________ the electrons to form stable molecules such as O2 and Cl2.' Complete the sentence.


'Why do bonds form?' - Choose the most appropriate answer.

To achieve a lower energy state

What is a common characteristic of covalent compounds?

Always soluble in water

In Lewis dot structures, what do double or triple bonds represent?

Sharing more than 2 or 3 electrons between atoms

Test your knowledge on naming ionic and molecular compounds, drawing Lewis diagrams, writing chemical formulas for ionic compounds, and describing properties of metals. Learn about ionic bonds, which are formed through electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions.

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