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What is the main motivation behind creating the bot GPTZero?

To combat the increase in AI plagiarism by identifying AI-written assignments

Why did many teachers reach out to Tian after the release of GPTZero?

To report positive results from testing GPTZero

What does GPTZero use to determine whether an excerpt is written by a bot?

Perplexity and familiarity to the bot

What happens if GPTZero is perplexed by the text?

It determines the text to be human-written

What is burstiness used for in GPTZero's analysis?

To compare the variations of sentences

What was the impact of GPTZero's popularity on the app?

It caused the app to crash

Why did Streamlit step in to support Tian?

To provide memory and hosting capabilities for GPTZero

What is the purpose of using perplexity in GPTZero's analysis?

To measure the complexity of text

In what way do teachers use GPTZero after its release?

To identify AI-written assignments

Test your knowledge about ChatGPT, GPTZero, and the concerns around AI plagiarism. Find out more about the impact of language models on education and the response from the creator, Tian.

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