Charles Lamb's Essays of Elia

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What is the main theme of the essay 'Poor Relations'?

The complexities of maintaining relationships with distant relatives

What does Charles Lamb express in 'Poor Relations' regarding his interactions with his impoverished relatives?

Sympathy for their situation

Which pseudonym did Charles Lamb use when writing his essays?


What is the title of the collection that includes the essays 'Poor Relations' and 'In Praise of Chimney Sweepers'?

Essays of Elia

What does Charles Lamb highlight in 'Poor Relations' regarding the contrast between familial bonds and the reality of impoverished lives?

The warmth of familial bonds

Study Notes

Essay 'Poor Relations' by Charles Lamb

  • The main theme of the essay 'Poor Relations' is the interactions between Charles Lamb and his impoverished relatives.
  • Charles Lamb expresses embarrassment and guilt towards his interactions with his impoverished relatives in 'Poor Relations'.
  • Charles Lamb uses the pseudonym 'Elia' when writing his essays.

Collection of Essays

  • The collection that includes the essays 'Poor Relations' and 'In Praise of Chimney Sweepers' is titled 'Essays of Elia'.

Themes and Contrast in 'Poor Relations'

  • Charles Lamb highlights the contrast between the idealized notion of familial bonds and the harsh reality of impoverished lives in 'Poor Relations'.
  • He emphasizes the disparity between the relationships he desires to have with his relatives and the actual interactions he has with them, due to their impoverished circumstances.

Test your knowledge on the essays of Charles Lamb with this quiz! Explore the themes and insights presented in "Poor Relations" and "In Praise of Chimney Sweepers" as part of Lamb's collection, "Essays of Elia." Challenge yourself and learn more about this prominent English essayist and poet from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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