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Living cells differ from non-living cells because they are


The organelle shown in the figure is the ___________ and one of its main functions is to ___________.

Golgi apparatus; package and modify proteins, such as glycosylation, for secretion

The defining property that differentiates prokaryotic cells from eukaryotic cells is their

lack of a nucleus.

Which cell type has a long, branched structure that requires many connections to be made with neighboring cells?


The main function of the nucleus is to

house the DNA and ribosome synthesis machinery.

The cellular process by which vesicles are secreted from cells is called:


Which cell component is indicated in the figure below by the line labeled as number "3" (green) ?

nuclear envelope

The inner membrane of the mitochondrion when examined with transmission electron microscopy appears ___________.

folded with a large surface area to allow energy production (ATP synthesis) to take place.

Archaea and bacteria are both prokaryotes. They however distinguish themselves by:

the composition of the membrane

All living cells

share the same basic chemistry.

Study Notes

Cell Characteristics

  • Living cells differ from non-living cells due to distinct characteristics
  • Organelle shown in the figure: Mitochondrion, function: generate energy for the cell

Cell Types

  • Prokaryotic cells distinguished from eukaryotic cells by the absence of a true nucleus
  • Dendritic cells have a long, branched structure, requiring many connections with neighboring cells

Nucleus Function

  • Nucleus: main function is to store genetic information

Cellular Processes

  • Exocytosis: process by which vesicles are secreted from cells

Cell Component Identification

  • Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER): indicated by the line labeled "3" (green)

Mitochondrial Structure

  • Inner mitochondrial membrane: appears folded and cristae-like when examined with transmission electron microscopy


  • Archaea and Bacteria: both prokaryotes, distinguished by different membrane lipids and metabolic processes

Common Traits

  • All living cells: share common characteristics that distinguish them from non-living cells

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