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What does the term 'character' refer to?

Fictional representation of a person and their unique qualities

How are the aspects of a character usually revealed?

Through actions, reactions, physical appearance, and speech

What is the advantage of portraying characters in broader strokes?

It heightens the contrasts between character types, adding to the drama

What does characterization in drama often emphasize?

General character types

What does the word 'character' refer to in the context of a plot?

One or more imaginary persons who take part in the action

Study Notes

Character and Characterization

  • In literature, the term 'character' refers to a person or animal that takes part in the action of a story.
  • The aspects of a character are usually revealed through their: • Actions • Dialogue • Description • What other characters say about them
  • Portraying characters in broader strokes, rather than detailing every trait, allows the audience to: • Fill in gaps with their own imagination • Create a more personal connection with the character
  • In drama, characterization often emphasizes: • Contrasts and contradictions within a character • Inner conflicts and emotions
  • In the context of a plot, the word 'character' refers to the: • Person or animal's role in the story • Traits and qualities that influence their actions and decisions

"Test Your Knowledge of Characters in Literature and Media" Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz on characters in literature and media. Identify famous characters, their traits, and roles in different stories and genres.

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