Chapter 4 Requirements Engineering: Scenarios Quiz

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What are scenarios in the context of requirements engineering?

Real-life examples of system usage with a starting situation, normal flow of events, and possible issues

What is the purpose of use cases in the context of requirements engineering?

To identify the actors involved in the system interaction and describe the interaction itself

What do sequence diagrams add to use cases in requirements engineering?

Show the sequence of event processing in the system

What is requirements validation concerned with in requirements engineering?

Demonstrating that the requirements define the system that the customer really wants

What do use-cases describe in the context of requirements engineering?

All possible interactions with the system, identifying actors and describing interactions

What is a key aspect of scenarios in requirements engineering?

Including a description of the starting situation, normal flow of events, and possible issues

What is the main reason for the high cost of fixing a requirements error after delivery?

Lack of proper requirements validation

Which technique involves using an executable model of the system to check requirements?


What is the primary purpose of system modeling?

To generate a complete or partial system implementation from the system model

What do models of the existing system help clarify during requirements engineering?

What the existing system does and its strengths and weaknesses

Which check aims to determine if a requirement can be changed without a large impact on other requirements?

Adaptability check

What is the key benefit of using systematic manual analysis of the requirements?

Thorough analysis and understanding of the requirements

Which aspect is considered in the 'Realism' requirement validation technique?

Implementation cost and technology constraints

What is the main focus of 'Requirements checking' as mentioned in Chapter 4?

Ensuring customer needs are met

What is considered during 'Comprehensibility' review checks?

Understanding of the requirement

Test your understanding of scenarios in requirements engineering, specifically focusing on collecting medical history in MHCPMS. This quiz covers the description of starting situations, normal flow of events, potential issues, concurrent activities, and final scenario states.

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