Challenging Autism Perceptions

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How is autism described in medical language?

A disability

What does the term 'neurodiversity' suggest?

Autism is a natural and valuable part of human diversity

What does the text say about the experience of autism?

It can come with remarkable gifts and skills

What is the main focus of the text?

The multifaceted experience of autism

What does the term 'neurodiversity' describe?

The diversity of human brains from a neurological perspective

Which term is used to challenge the negative terminology associated with autism?


What does the term 'neurodiversity' suggest about human brains?

They should be valued

How does the text describe autism in relation to disability?

Autism sometimes equals disability

What does the text say about the experience of autism?

It is a neurological difference

What is autism?

A neurological difference with a vast spectrum of representation

"Discover the Truth About Autism: Take This Quiz and Challenge Your Perceptions" - Test your knowledge and challenge preconceived notions about autism. Explore the complexities of this neurodevelopmental condition beyond the medical language. Join the quiz to gain a deeper understanding and broaden your perspective on what it means to be autistic.

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