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How long has cement been around?

At least 12 million years

Who first put cement to use?


What is the general definition of cement?

Any material with adhesive properties

What did the Assyrians and Babylonians use to make cement?


What did the Egyptians use to build the pyramids?

Lime and gypsum mortar

Study Notes

History of Cement

  • Cement has been around for thousands of years, with its earliest use dating back to ancient civilizations.

Ancient Use of Cement

  • The earliest known use of cement was by the ancient Greeks, who used a mixture of lime and volcanic ash to create a binding agent.

Definition of Cement

  • Cement is a fine powder that is made from limestone, clay, and other minerals, and is mixed with water to create a paste that binds together aggregates like sand and gravel.

Ancient Mesopotamian Cement

  • The Assyrians and Babylonians used a mixture of lime and clay to create a type of cement.

Ancient Egyptian Construction

  • The Egyptians used a mixture of gypsum and lime to build the pyramids, with gypsum being the primary binding agent.

Test your knowledge of cement science and engineering fundamentals with this quiz. Explore topics such as types of cement, manufacture of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), factors affecting cement properties, and the hydration process.

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