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What is the main advantage of cells that carry out specialised functions?

They can efficiently perform their specific function

Which type of organisms have millions of cells?

Multicellular organisms

Which type of cells contract and relax to cause movement in human beings?

Muscle cells

What do vascular tissues in plants conduct?

Food and water

What is the term used to describe the grouping of cells that specialize in one function in the body?

Cell specialization

Study Notes

Cellular Specialization

  • Cells that carry out specialized functions have the advantage of increasing efficiency and allowing for more complex life forms.

Organisms with Multiple Cells

  • Multicellular organisms, such as humans, have millions of cells that work together to maintain life.

Muscle Cells

  • Muscle cells, also known as muscle fibers, contract and relax to cause movement in human beings.

Plant Vascular Tissues

  • Vascular tissues in plants, consisting of xylem and phloem, conduct water, nutrients, and sugars throughout the plant.

Tissue Organization

  • A group of cells that specialize in one function in the body is termed a tissue.

Test your knowledge on tissues and the functions they perform in multicellular organisms with this quiz. Explore the concept of cell specialization and its importance in the body.

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