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What are the 4 components of cellular membranes?

Phospholipid bilayer, transmembrane proteins, interior protein network, cell surface markers

What makes the fatty acids in phospholipids hydrophobic?

Their nonpolar nature

What characterizes integral membrane proteins?

Possess at least one transmembrane domain

What is the movement of molecules through the membrane in passive transport?

In response to a concentration gradient

What is the process of movement of water from an area of high to low concentration of water?


In passive transport, which solution has a higher solute concentration?

Hypertonic solution

What regulates the flow of water through aquaporins in the cell membrane?


What is the movement of molecules from high concentration to low concentration in passive transport?


What type of proteins allow the cell to be selective about what passes through the membrane?

Channel proteins

What is the main difference between channel proteins and carrier proteins?

Channel proteins have a polar interior, while carrier proteins bind to specific molecules

What is the process of movement of a molecule from high to low concentration with the help of a carrier protein called?

Facilitated diffusion

Which type of transport requires energy and moves substances from low to high concentration?

Active transport

What is the main difference between uniporters, symporters, and antiporters?

Uniporters move one molecule at a time, symporters move two molecules in the same direction, and antiporters move two molecules in opposite directions

What is the main function of the sodium-potassium (Na+-K+) pump?

To move 3 Na+ out of the cell and 2 K+ into the cell

What is the process of movement of substances into the cell called?


What type of transport involves the movement of materials out of the cell?


Test your knowledge of cell membrane structure with this quiz. Explore the components of cellular membranes, including phospholipid bilayers, transmembrane proteins, interior protein networks, and cell surface markers. Learn about the structure of phospholipids and their role in cell membrane function.

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