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What is the resting membrane potential?

The electrical potential difference across the plasma membrane of a cell when not stimulated

What creates an electro-chemical gradient across the cell membrane?

Na-K ATPase pump pumping 3Na out in exchange of 2K in

What is the chemical gradient/concentration gradient for Na and K?

Na outside: 142 mEq/L, K outside: 4 mEq/L, Na inside: 14 mEq/L, K inside: 140 mEq/L

What is the electrical gradient for ions across the cell membrane?

It is created by the Na-K ATPase pump activity

What provides the basis for cell signaling in nerve and muscle cells?

Membrane potential

Test your knowledge on resting membrane potential, equilibrium potential, diffusion potential, Nernst and Goldman equations, and the generation of electrochemical impulses in nerve and muscle cells.

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