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Which type of secretion involves the entire cell bursting to release the secretion?

Holocrine secretion

What is the primary mode of secretion in sweat glands?

Merocrine secretion

In which glandular secretion type does the apical portion of cytoplasm become packed with secretory vesicles before being shed?

Apocrine secretion

Which type of gland secretes into ducts that open onto epithelial surfaces?

Exocrine gland

What is the most common type of secretion that involves exocytosis from secretory vesicles?

Merocrine secretion

Which glandular secretion type results in the loss of apical surface and cytoplasm during secretion?

Apocrine secretion

What is the primary mechanism for the expansion of cartilage from within?

Chondrocytes dividing and secreting additional matrix, pushing the daughter cells apart

What is the key difference between the structure of cartilage and bone?

Both a and b

What is the primary function of the compact bone layer in a long bone?

To provide a superficial layer deposited during appositional growth

Why does interstitial growth not occur in bone, unlike in cartilage?

Because the bone matrix is solid and calcified

What is the primary function of the spongy bone layer in a long bone?

To line the internal cavity of the bone

What is the primary structural difference between the compact bone and spongy bone layers in a long bone?

Compact bone has a more organized matrix structure around blood vessels, while spongy bone has a more porous structure

Which type of connective tissue has fibers densely packed in a regular arrangement?

Reticular tissue

What is the main function of fixed cells in connective tissue?

Repair, maintenance, and storage

Which connective tissue has a solid, crystalline matrix?


In which system does lymph flow?

Lymphatic system

What type of connective tissue has fibers that create a loose, open framework?

Reticular tissue

Which component is characteristic of fluid connective tissues like blood and lymph?

Watery matrix

Which of the following statements about gap junctions is correct?

They permit chemical communication to coordinate activities of adjacent cells

What is the primary function of desmosomes?

To interlock the cytoskeletons of adjacent cells for firm attachment

Which of the following statements about hemidesmosomes is incorrect?

They are formed by interlocking junctional proteins called connexons

What is the primary characteristic of simple squamous epithelium?

It is thin and flat, with irregular cell shapes and disc-shaped nuclei

Which of the following tissues is not an example of simple squamous epithelium?

Epithelium lining the skin

What is the primary function of occluding junctions (tight junctions)?

To prevent the passage of water and solutes between cells

Which of the following statements about the structure of compact bone is correct?

All of the above statements are correct.

What is the function of the periosteum?

Both b and c are correct.

What is the purpose of lacunae in the bone matrix?

All of the above.

Which statement about the structure of spongy bone is correct?

It is less dense and has a more open, porous structure than compact bone.

What is the primary function of canaliculi in compact bone?

To facilitate the exchange of nutrients and waste between osteocytes and blood vessels.

Which layer of the periosteum is responsible for appositional bone growth and repair?

The inner cellular layer

Test your knowledge on different types of cell junctions such as gap junctions, desmosomes, and tight junctions which play crucial roles in cell communication and tissue structure. Learn about their functions and structures with this quiz.

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