CBSE Class 6 Science: Air Around Us

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What is wind called when it is in motion?

Air in motion

Which gas is a major portion of our atmosphere?


What is the envelope of air that surrounds the earth known as?


What does smoke consist of?

Dark-colored gases from burning

What does carbon dioxide support?


What shows the direction in which the air is moving at a specific place?


Which gas supports burning in the air?


What is the main gas present in the air?


What is the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air?


What do animals take in from the air during respiration?


How do plants use carbon dioxide from the air?

To make their own food by photosynthesis

Where is carbon dioxide produced when burning something?

In the air

What do wet clothes drying on a clothesline indicate about the presence of water vapour?

The water forms water vapour and mixes with the air

What process takes place when glucose in the body breaks down to give energy?


Apart from dust particles, what else does air contain?

Smoke released from factories and vehicles

Which gas is used by plants and animals for respiration?


Explore NCERT Class 6 Science Notes Chapter 15 'Air Around Us' for quick revision. Learn about the properties of air, the concept of wind, and the importance of air for living organisms. Download the PDF for free to deepen your understanding.

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