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What was the reason for Shukla seeking Gandhi's help?

To investigate the indigo contract and help sharecroppers

How did Gandhi's firm decision to visit Champaran impress Shukla?

Because Gandhi agreed to visit Champaran despite his initial reluctance

Why did Gandhi face opposition from the British landlord association?

Because he was an outsider and not given any information

What was the commissioner of the Tirhut division's response to Gandhi's presence?

He threatened Gandhi and ordered him to leave

How did Gandhi respond when served a notice to leave Motihari?

He disobeyed the order and continued gathering information

What was the outcome of the case filed against Gandhi for disobeying orders?

The case was dropped, and he was granted bail

Who did Louis Fischer interview in 1942 at his ashram in Sevagram?

Mahatma Gandhi

What was the name of the movement started by Mahatma Gandhi, as mentioned in the text?

Indigo Movement

Where did Mahatma Gandhi go in 1917 at the request of Rajkumar Shukla?


What did Mahatma Gandhi fight for, as mentioned in the text?

Rights of sharecroppers

Why was Mahatma Gandhi famous and loved by the masses, according to the text?

Concern for the plight of the poor

What did Louis Fischer learn about the British departure from India during his interaction with Mahatma Gandhi?

'How he initiated the departure of the British'

Study Notes

Gandhi's Visit to Champaran

  • Shukla sought Gandhi's help to improve the plight of indigo farmers in Champaran, who were being exploited by British planters.

Gandhi's Determination

  • Gandhi's firm decision to visit Champaran impressed Shukla, demonstrating Gandhi's commitment to helping the oppressed.

British Opposition

  • Gandhi faced opposition from the British landlord association, who saw him as a threat to their interests.

Official Response

  • The commissioner of the Tirhut division was alarmed by Gandhi's presence and tried to dissuade him from staying.

Defying Orders

  • When served a notice to leave Motihari, Gandhi refused to comply, choosing to face trial instead.

Trial Outcome

  • Gandhi was let off with a mild punishment, but the outcome marked a significant milestone in India's struggle for independence.

Louis Fischer's Interview

  • In 1942, Louis Fischer interviewed Mahatma Gandhi at his ashram in Sevagram.

Non-Cooperation Movement

  • Gandhi started the Non-Cooperation Movement, which marked a significant turning point in India's struggle for independence.

Gandhi's Journey

  • In 1917, Gandhi went to Champaran at the request of Rajkumar Shukla to improve the plight of indigo farmers.

Gandhi's Cause

  • Gandhi fought for the rights of exploited indigo farmers and against British oppression in India.

Gandhi's Popularity

  • Gandhi was famous and loved by the masses for his selfless fight against British rule and his commitment to India's independence.

British Departure

  • During his interaction with Gandhi, Louis Fischer learned that the British were likely to depart from India eventually.

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