Cardiovascular System: Heart Chambers and Pumping Function

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Which type of muscle in the heart exhibits automatic rhythmical electric discharge?

Conductive muscle fibers

What is the main function of the atrium in the heart?

Moving blood into the ventricle

Which layer of the left ventricle causes a twisting motion during systole?

Subepicardial (outer) layer

What is the composition of cardiac muscle fibers in the heart?

Actin and myosin, typical myofibrils

What is the function of the pericardium in relation to the heart?

Holding the heart in place and protecting it

Study Notes

Cardiac Muscle and Heart Function

  • The cardiac muscle in the heart that exhibits automatic rhythmical electric discharge is the Pacemaker cells.

Atrium Function

  • The main function of the Atrium is to receive blood returning to the heart and act as a primer pump to send blood to the ventricles.

Ventricular Function

  • The Middle layer of the left ventricle (circumferential fibers) causes a twisting motion during systole.

Cardiac Muscle Composition

  • Cardiac muscle fibers in the heart are composed of Striated muscle fibers (having regular striations) that are involuntary (not under conscious control) and branched (allowing for rapid transmission of electrical signals).

Pericardium Function

  • The Pericardium is a sac that surrounds the heart and provides protection, reduces friction, and maintains the heart's position in the chest cavity.

Test your knowledge on the heart's pumping function and the chambers involved in the cardiovascular system. Understand the functions of the right and left heart pumps and their roles in circulating blood through the body.

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