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Which part forms the apex of the heart?

Inferolateral part of the left ventricle

Which valve is referred to as the bicuspid valve?

Mitral valve

What forms the base of the heart?

Left atrium and proximal parts of the great veins

Which chamber of the heart contains papillary muscles?

Right ventricle

What closes the orifice during ventricular contraction?

Mitral valve

Study Notes

Heart Structure

  • The apex of the heart is formed by the apex of the ventricles.

Heart Valves

  • The mitral valve is also referred to as the bicuspid valve.

Heart Base

  • The atria form the base of the heart.

Heart Chambers

  • The ventricles are the chambers of the heart that contain papillary muscles.

Ventricular Contraction

  • The AV valves (atrioventricular valves) close the orifice during ventricular contraction.

Test your knowledge of the cardiovascular system with this quiz covering heart anatomy, chambers, valves, and cardiac orientation. Perfect for medical students and anyone interested in anatomy and physiology.

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