Carbon and its Compounds: Chapter 4 Quiz

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What is the significance of carbon in both its elemental and combined form?

It is essential for the formation of organic compounds

Why are most items made up of compounds of carbon?

Because carbon forms strong and versatile compounds

What is the composition of the earth's crust in terms of carbon?

Only 0.01% of the earth's crust is composed of carbon

Why are food, clothes, medicines, and books mentioned in relation to carbon?

They are all products derived from carbon-based materials

What is the test to confirm the presence of a compound containing carbon?

Combustion test

What is the distribution of electrons in various shells of carbon?

2 in the first shell and 6 in the second shell

How many valence electrons does carbon have?


What would happen if carbon gained four electrons, forming C4– anion?

It would attain noble gas configuration

Why is it difficult for carbon to gain four electrons and form C4– anion?

It has a large nucleus with six protons

What determines the reactivity of elements?

The number of valence electrons

What is the atomic number of carbon?


How many valence electrons does carbon have?


What type of bond does carbon typically form in its compounds?

Covalent bond

Which of the following is NOT a property of most carbon compounds?

Good conductivity of electricity

Why is it difficult for carbon to form an anion by gaining four electrons?

It would be difficult for the nucleus to hold onto ten electrons

Test your knowledge about carbon and its compounds, as well as the properties of interesting compounds. This quiz covers the significance of carbon in its elemental and combined forms, and its relevance to everyday items.

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