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What is the name of the app mentioned multiple times in the text?


How many times is the name of the app mentioned in the text?


What is the main focus of the text?

CamScanner app

What is the main objective of satellite communication according to the text?

To initiate or assist another electronic communication package placed in orbit

Which of the following is NOT a main component of a satellite as mentioned in the text?

Rocket fuel

What is the function of the small thrusters on a satellite, as mentioned in the text?

To adjust and maintain the satellite's position and orientation in space

What is the significance of Kepler’s First Law for satellite orbits?

It describes the path followed by a satellite around the primary as an ellipse

What is the role of gravitational force in keeping satellites in orbit, as mentioned in the text?

It counteracts the effect of centrifugal force to prevent satellites from moving away

Put your CamScanner knowledge to the test with this quiz covering features, settings, and best practices for document scanning and organization.

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