Unit 7: Life in the West - Rancheros and Forty-Niners

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What was Junipero Serra's goal in California?

To convert the California Indians to Christianity

What geographical area did the chain of missions established by Junipero Serra cover?

From San Diego to just north of San Francisco

What did each mission established by Junipero Serra control?

A huge area of land and the Indians who worked it

What was the impact of the Spanish missionaries on the native Californians?

They were sometimes treated harshly and thousands died of diseases brought by the newcomers

What happened when California came under Mexican rule?

The missions were closed and the land was distributed to soldiers and settlers

What did the Mexican government do with the mission lands after closing the missions?

Gave most of the lands to soldiers and settlers

What was the typical land grant given to a Spanish-speaking Californian, or Californio?

A rancho of 50,000 acres or more

What was life like for most families on the ranchos?

Combined hard work and the occasional fiesta

Read each paragraph and answer the questions using what you learned. Every answer can be found in the reading provided. Please do not copy and paste answers from google.

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