Calculus I: Functions and Models

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ܚܕܬܐ 1: ܚܕܫ ܚܕܝ̈ܢ ܐܝܚܕ ܗܘ ܟ̈ܠ ܡܢ ܐܝܚ̈ܐ?


2: ܕ݇ـ݂݄݁݃݁ـ߁݂݄߁ـ ݂݄݁݅߁݂݁݅߁݂ـ?

(−∞, ∞)

3: ގ_݆֫ ߁݅߁ـ ގ_݆֫ ނޅ_ַ݅ ގ_݆֫?

{x : a ≤ x < b}

4: އ,߁ـރރ_߁ـ ނ_݉֫ އ,߁ـރރ_߁ـ?

{x : x ≥ a}

5: ރ_ַ ގַ݆ࠬ, 𐊼ۣ_ַ?

أنتقي هذا

Which set of numbers includes all the natural numbers, zero, and negative integers?

The integer numbers: Z

What type of interval includes all real numbers greater than or equal to a specific value?

[a, ∞)

In the Cartesian plane, which axis represents the vertical direction?


What is the formula for calculating the slope of a line passing through the points (x1 , y1 ) and (x2 , y2 )?

$\frac{y2 - y1}{x2 - x1}$

What does the open interval (a, b) represent in terms of real numbers?

{x : a < x < b}

What is the definition of a limit for a function f(x) as x approaches a?

The values of f(x) get arbitrarily close to L as x gets arbitrarily close to a, but not equal to a

What does the notation lim f(x) = L x→a+ indicate?

The limit of f(x) as x approaches a from the right and equals L

When does the limit lim f(x) = L x→a exist?

When lim f(x) from the left equals lim f(x) from the right, and both are equal to L

What is the alternative notation for lim f(x) = L x→a?

f(x) approaches L as x approaches a

If the values of f(x) get closer to different limits as x approaches a from the left and right, what does the limit lim f(x) x→a+ x→a- indicate?

Does Not Exist (DNE)

Test your knowledge on Chapter 1 of Calculus I by Dr. Adnan Daraghmeh at An-Najah National University. This quiz covers topics including functions, models, sets of numbers, and types of intervals.

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