Calculating Oil Reserve-to-Production Ratio

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Which country has the highest consumption of fossil fuel per capita?

United States

What is the source of geothermal energy?

The Earth's core

What does net energy express?

The difference between energy returned and energy invested

How is EROI calculated?

EROI = Energy returned / Energy invested

What is required for fossil fuel to form?

Anaerobic environment

What is the primary factor responsible for converting organic matter into fossil fuel?

Both heat and pressure

What is the result of increased atmospheric water vapor leading to enhanced cloudiness?

Reflecting sunlight back into space and slowing warming

What is the primary source of Nitrous Oxide in the atmosphere?

Auto emissions and feedlots

What is the effect of black carbon/soot particles on the climate?

They have a warming effect on the climate

What is the result of positive radiative forcing on the Earth's climate?

It warms the surface

What is the purpose of a climate model?

To simulate climate dynamics by combining atmospheric circulation, ocean circulation, and feedback cycles

What is the definition of proxy indicators?

Types of indirect measurements that serve as substitutes for direct measurements

What is the formula to calculate the reserves-to-production ratio?

Dividing the total remaining reserves by the annual rate of production

How many years are natural gas reserves estimated to last?

54 years

What is energy efficiency?

The ability to obtain a given amount of output while using less energy input

What are conventional alternatives to fossil fuels?

Nuclear power, hydropower, and biomass energy

How can energy conservation be achieved?

By reducing energy waste and using more efficient technology

What is the estimated number of years that coal reserves are expected to last?

110 years

Learn how to calculate the reserve-to-production ratio, an important metric in the oil industry. Understand the formula and how it's applied to estimate the remaining years of oil reserves. Test your knowledge with this quiz!

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