Jorge Luis Borges and His Stories

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¿De qué nacionalidad era Borges?


¿Quién fue el tío de Borges?

Juan Dahlmann

¿Qué salvó el patrimonio de la familia de Borges?

La venta de algunos de sus activos

¿Qué le sucedió a Juan Dahlmann en 1939?

Se enfermó y perdió la vista

¿Qué hace Juan Dahlmann al final del texto?

Lee Las Mil y Una Noches

Study Notes

  • Jorge Luis Borges was born in 1881 and died in 1986.
  • Borges was a Spanish author and poet who wrote about philosophy, literature, history, and other subjects.
  • Borges was born in Argentina and spent most of his life there.
  • Borges was a famous writer and many of his works have been translated into other languages.
  • Borges wrote a story about a man who arrives in Buenos Aires in 1871 and is a pastor in the evangelical church.
  • His ancestor, Francisco Flores, was a soldier in the Argentine War of Independence and died in the border region.
  • Juan Dahlmann, Borges' nephew, was a librarian in Buenos Aires and felt very Argentine.
  • Borges' father was of German descent and his mother was of Spanish descent.
  • Dahlmann saved his family's estate in the south of Argentina by selling some of its assets.
  • Dahlmann became sick and lost his sight in 1939.
  • Borges wrote a story about a man who is lost in the city and his experiences during that time.
  • Borges died in 1986.
  • Dahlmann is returning to Buenos Aires after a long hospital stay.
  • He is excited to be back in the city where he was born and raised.
  • He remembers the streets and the landmarks from when he was last in Buenos Aires.
  • He is happy to be reunited with his friends from when he was a young man.
  • He is excited to read his old book, Las Mil y Una Noches, again.
  • He is distracted from his happiness by thoughts of Shahrazad, the woman who saved his life.
  • He closes the book and enjoys living in the moment.

Test your knowledge on the life and works of Jorge Luis Borges, a prominent Spanish author and poet from Argentina who delved into various subjects in his writings, including philosophy, literature, and history.

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