Business Analytics and Data Ethics Quiz
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Business Analytics and Data Ethics Quiz

Test your knowledge of the importance of business analytics, data privacy, and data ethics with this quiz. Explore the methodology of extracting information and knowledge from data to improve a company’s bottom line and enhance the consumer experience. Gain insights into the key aspects of business analytics and its impact on decision-making.

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What is the primary focus of business analytics?

Improving company's bottom line and enhancing consumer experience

What does business intelligence encompass?

Architectures, tools, databases, and methodologies

What is the primary purpose of descriptive analytics?

Gathering, organizing, tabulating, and visualizing data to summarize 'what has happened'

What is the key focus of business analytics compared to business intelligence?

<p>Analyzing available data to improve business performance</p> Signup and view all the answers

What does business analytics combine to identify key business problems?

<p>Qualitative reasoning with quantitative tools</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Business Analytics Essentials

  • The primary focus of business analytics is to drive business decision-making through data-driven insights.

Business Intelligence

  • Business intelligence encompasses the process of gathering, storing, and analyzing data to support business decision-making.

Descriptive Analytics

  • The primary purpose of descriptive analytics is to provide a snapshot of current business performance by analyzing historical data.

Business Analytics vs Business Intelligence

  • Business analytics focuses on predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive future business decisions, whereas business intelligence focuses on descriptive analytics to analyze past performance.

Business Analytics Components

  • Business analytics combines data analysis, statistical modeling, and optimization techniques to identify key business problems and opportunities.

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