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What is the primary factor that guides the evaluation and management of burns?

The type of burn

What is the unit title of the module that focuses on the management of patient with burn?

Integumentary disorders

What is the level of burn injury characterized by involvement of the entire dermis and possible scarring?

Full-thickness burn

How is the extent of the burn usually expressed?

As a percentage of total body surface area (%TBSA)

Which method of estimating burn surface area takes into account the age of the patient?

Lund and Browder Chart

What is the duration of the theory module on the management of patient with burn?


What is the term for the increased sensitivity to cold air in burn patients?


What is the key objective of the module in terms of nursing care for adult burn patients?

Implement standardized protocol and guidelines

What is the classification of burn according to depth?

First, second, and third degree

What is the percentage of body surface area represented by the head in the Rule of Nines method?


What is the term for the dead skin that forms on a burn wound?


What is the purpose of the nursing process for patients with burns?

To assess and manage the burn wound

What is the teaching method used to demonstrate the skills required for burn patient care?

Demonstration and re-demonstration

What is the term for the process of replacing damaged skin with healthy skin in burn patients?


What is the term for the loss of skin contour and function in burn patients?


What is the term for the destruction of red blood cells in burn patients?


What is the primary goal of administering Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) to burn patients?

To provide high caloric, high protein diet

What is the purpose of auscultating for bowel sounds in burn patients?

To monitor for signs of gastrointestinal dysfunction

What is the recommended course of action for burns that require surgical excision and grafting?

Plan for surgical excision and grafting, and provide donor site care

What is the purpose of weighing the patient daily?

To monitor for signs of dehydration or abdominal distention

What is the Parkland formula used for?

Calculating the total amount of fluid needed for initial 24 hours of fluid resuscitation

What is the primary goal of providing a warm environment for burn patients?

To maintain adequate body temperature

Why are histamine blockers and antacids administered to burn patients?

To reduce the risk of gastric ulceration

What is the purpose of testing stool and gastric content for occult bleeding in burn patients?

To monitor for signs of gastrointestinal dysfunction

What physiological response follows the catecholamine release after extensive burns?

Increased heart rate

What condition results from the loss of intravascular fluid in extensive burns?


What consequence might occur due to sluggish blood flow in the burned area?


What condition can result from decreased renal blood flow?


What is a notable occurrence during the diuretic stage post-burn injury?

Blood volume increases

What might happen if there is an increase in intravascular volume post-burn?

Fluid overload

At what time post-burn does cardiac output return to normal?

Approximately 24 hours post-burn

What happens to the pattern’s vital signs and urinary output during intravenous fluid replacement?

They determine the amount of fluid

What percentage of a patient's body surface area does the palm surface (excluding the fingers) represent for small burns?


What is primarily responsible for tissue destruction in burn injuries?

Protein coagulation

Above what percentage of total body surface area (TBSA) does a burn injury usually produce both local and systemic responses?


Which of the following increases capillary permeability in the hypovolemic stage after a burn injury?


What is a primary outcome of the release of vasoactive substances following a burn injury?

Increased capillary permeability

What condition can hyperkalemia lead to following a burn injury?

Heart block and arterial fibrillation

Which physiological change is NOT observed during the initial burn shock period in major burns?

Increased cardiac output

What intervention helps to transport potassium back into the cells post-burn injury?

Administering insulin with glucose

This quiz assesses knowledge on managing patients with burn injuries, including standardized protocols, communication skills, and evidence-based nursing practices. It's ideal for nursing students and professionals.

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