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What is one of the factors associated with the higher risk for females in burn injuries?

Open fire cooking

Which group is particularly vulnerable to burns according to the text?

Children under 5 years of age

In which region do boys under 5 years of age have almost 2 times the likelihood of dying from burns as compared to boys in the WHO European Region?

WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region

Where is the incidence of burn injuries requiring medical care nearly 20 times higher than in the WHO Region of the Americas?

WHO Western Pacific Region

Which group has a higher risk for burns within all countries?

People living in low- and middle-income countries

What is the approximate total healthcare cost per burn patient as found in the 2014 systematic review?

US$ 88,218

Which country spends an estimated US$ 26 million annually for care of burns from kerosene (paraffin) cookstove incidents?

South Africa

What percentage of children with burns in Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, and Pakistan have a permanent disability?


In which country are burns the second most common injury, accounting for 5% of disabilities?

Rural Nepal

According to the most recent data, which gender has slightly higher rates of death from burns?


Test your knowledge about burn injury statistics from various countries including India, Bangladesh, Colombia, Egypt, Pakistan, Nepal, and the United States. Learn about the prevalence and impact of burn injuries on populations worldwide.

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