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Which branch of science studies individuals and societies?

Social sciences

What distinguishes formal sciences from other branches of science?

They study formal systems governed by axioms and rules

Which discipline uses scientific knowledge for practical purposes like engineering and medicine?

Applied sciences

When does the history of scientific discipline span to?

Bronze Age Egypt and Mesopotamia

Why is there disagreement about whether the formal sciences are science disciplines?

They do not rely on empirical evidence

What unifying themes tie together the field of biology?

The presence of cells, hereditary information, evolution, and energy processing

What enables organisms to move, grow, and reproduce?

Energy processing

At what levels of organization can biologists study life?

From molecular biology to the evolution of populations

What defines the subdisciplines within biology?

The nature of their research questions and the tools they use

How do biologists make observations and pose questions?

Using the scientific method

Test your knowledge of the diverse branches of science with this quiz! From physics and chemistry to economics and psychology, challenge yourself to identify and understand the different areas of scientific study.

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