Branch Accounts

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Which of the following best describes a branch account?

An account that is opened at a branch office of a bank

Who can open a branch account?

Any individual who meets the bank's requirements

What is the main purpose of a branch account?

To deposit cash and checks

Which of the following best describes an indifference curve?

A line showing all the combinations of two goods which give a consumer equal utility.

Why is an indifference curve convex?

Because of diminishing marginal utility.

What does a budget line show?

The combination of goods that a consumer can afford given their budget.

Which indifference curve gives the highest net utility?


What does an indifference curve map show?

Different indifference curves for different levels of utility.

Test your knowledge on branch accounts with this quiz. Learn about the definition of a branch account, its main purpose, and who is eligible to open one. Challenge yourself and become an expert on branch accounts!

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