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What is the primary purpose of brainstorming?

To generate new and creative ideas

Who developed the concept of brainstorming as we know it today?

Alex F. Osborn

What was the original term used by Alex F. Osborn for brainstorming?

Thinking up

How can brainstorming benefit the quality of an essay or paper?

By helping the writer generate many varied ideas

When was the term 'brainstorming' made popular?

In Osborn's 1967 book Applied Imagination

What did Alex F. Osborn want to encourage his employees to do?

Generate new, creative ideas

What is the most important element of an essay according to the text?

Content - the information and ideas presented

What is the main goal of brainstorming?

To generate and record all relevant ideas

Which brainstorming technique involves adding other words or phrases around the main topic and connecting them with lines?


When is individual brainstorming commonly used?

For writing

Which brainstorming technique involves writing ideas about a topic in continuous prose without concern for grammar?


What is the purpose of concept mapping in brainstorming?

To record aspects of the main idea

What is the most commonly used brainstorming technique where ideas are written in a list in the order they come to mind?


Which factor is considered when deciding which ideas are not useful in brainstorming?

Relevance to the topic

In what type of writing is freewriting particularly useful?

Creative writing

Study Notes

Brainstorming Techniques for Writing

  • Brainstorming is crucial for creating strong content by producing a variety of ideas, helping writers take a position on a topic, improving creativity, and reducing writing anxiety.
  • Individual brainstorming is commonly used for writing, while group brainstorming is often used to solve problems.
  • Brainstorming is helpful for timed essays, research papers, and creative writing.
  • Brainstorming techniques include freewriting, listing, clustering, and mapping.
  • Freewriting involves writing ideas about a topic in continuous prose without concern for grammar and is useful for creative writing.
  • Listing is the most commonly used brainstorming technique, where ideas are written in a list in the order they come to mind.
  • Concept mapping involves placing the main idea at the top of a diagram and drawing branches downwards to record aspects of the main idea.
  • Clustering involves placing the main topic in the center of a diagram, adding other words or phrases around it, and connecting them with lines.
  • The brainstorming writing process includes generating ideas using lists, concept maps, or cluster diagrams, and then deciding which ideas are useful.
  • When deciding which ideas are not useful, factors such as relevance to the topic, support for a position, and main point in an argument are considered.
  • Examples of brainstorming techniques include using a list to brainstorm ideas for a persuasive essay and creating a concept map or cluster diagram for a paper about gardening.
  • The goal of brainstorming is to think of and record all relevant ideas, and then decide which ideas are useful and support the main point in an argument.

Test your knowledge of brainstorming techniques for writing with this quiz! From freewriting to concept mapping, this quiz covers various methods to help you generate ideas, improve creativity, and reduce writing anxiety. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their writing process.

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