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What is Bootstrap 5 primarily used for?

Creating responsive websites

What is the main difference between Bootstrap 5 and Bootstrap 3 & 4?

Switch from JavaScript to jQuery

Which version of major browsers and platforms is supported by Bootstrap 5?

Only the latest versions

What is the purpose of the 'My Learning' program at W3Schools?

To track learning progress and earn points

What does Bootstrap 5 not support in terms of browsers?

Internet Explorer 11 and down

What feature of Bootstrap 5 distinguishes it from previous versions?

Use of JavaScript instead of jQuery

Study Notes

Bootstrap 5 Overview

  • Bootstrap 5 is primarily used for building responsive, mobile-first, and customizable web applications and interfaces.
  • The main difference between Bootstrap 5 and Bootstrap 3 & 4 is that Bootstrap 5 has dropped support for Internet Explorer and has introduced several new features and improvements.

Supported Browsers and Platforms

  • Bootstrap 5 supports the latest versions of major browsers and platforms, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera.

'My Learning' Program at W3Schools

  • The purpose of the 'My Learning' program at W3Schools is to help users track their progress, save tutorials, and take notes.

Browser Support

  • Bootstrap 5 does not support Internet Explorer, as it has been dropped due to its declining usage and lack of support for modern web standards.

Key Features

  • Bootstrap 5 introduces a new feature called "RTL support" (Right-to-Left support), which distinguishes it from previous versions and allows for better support of languages that read from right to left.

Learn about the newest version of Bootstrap, the popular framework for creating responsive websites. This tutorial contains numerous examples and an online editor to practice editing code and viewing the results. Explore the differences between Bootstrap 5 and its predecessors.

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